Boutique Pichenotte Val-David, Laurentides

Owners: Alain Harvey,  Nathalie Gara-Boivin and their daughter.

About Us

Pichenotte is a wonderful toy and game boutique located on the main street of the town of Val David in the heart of the Laurentians. Founded in 2009, the shop originally focused on board games for the “après-ski” crowd, and then branched into eco-friendly toys and fun games for children.

In 2017, Alain Harvey became the proprietor. Originally Franco-Ontarian, he came to Val David to start a new chapter in life with his wife Nathalie and their daughter Léa, then aged 3. Alain moved the shop to the town’s main street, Rue de l’Église (at the corner of Dion), and gave it a new name: Pichenotte. Léa became the de facto vice-president in charge of product testing.

Since then, Pichenotte has continued to grow while maintaining our fundamental values. As much as possible, we offer games and toys made in Quebec or Canada, from noble materials (wood, metal, fabrics), by environmentally conscious suppliers.

At Pichenotte, we avoid plastics, electronics and anything too flashy. We gravitate towards toys and table games that encourage kids to engage, create, learn, socialize, but most of all, to have good fun.

Every day at Pichenotte is like a fairy tale with the same happy ending. “And they lived playfully ever after.”