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Christmas Pair’em up

ln this speed game, be the first player to pair up identical socks using the cards in your hand. The laundry basket will give you some help, but watch out for the nasty clothes dryer! Be the first player to get rid of all your cards and win the game!

Le Tricheur Junior mini

A family version of a popular Québécois TV game show. Available in french only.

In my Suitcase

I'm going on a trip and in my suitcase I bring... The classic memory game is reinvented with 3 version and ways to play.

Sugar Factory

A delicious educational game to develop the auditory memory, the visual memory, logic and speed.

A morning with the monsters

Mornings are crazy in the monsters’ Lab-dorm. They must wash up, eat breakfast and get dressed before going to school. Some mischievous little monsters hide to avoid the morning routine. Play the different games and plan your turns carefully to be the first to catch your pack of monsters: 3 Bouboules, 1 Morveux and 1 Prout.

Connais-tu ton Québécois? version Tête de cochon

A fun game around Québecois expressions. Available in french only.

Devinez Quoi?

A wonderful game of french puns.


The classic dice game you love.

Mc Wiz jr.

A fully bilingual Quiz game for children 6 to 12.

Fais moi un dessin & mime Édition Noël

Guess the words from a drawing or a mime. Available in French only.

Ding Dong

A spin off of Rouge radio stations game from the famous Véronique Cloutier.

Bad Apple

A fun game of stressful choices. Remove the apples from the tree without moving the trunk.

Yesteryear memory Game

A traditionnal memory game where you need to find two identical pictures. What is different is that the pictures are of objects of another time. Excellent for older adults.

Bean toss game Roseline & Dinos

A reversible toss game. Made in Canada


Jok-R-Ummy is a traditionnal card game where the players receive missions to accomplish for every hand played. A classic.