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Goki Yoyo

A small wooden pastime always fun! Made in France from solid wood. 5.5cm. Multiple colours available. Please specify if you

Goki small sail boat

Small wooden boat approximately 3″x 1″ x 3″. It really floats!

Goki-mini mouth organ harmonica with chain

The harmonica Goki is a classic tool for children who want to experience the sounds and music. The chain is

Metal car

Metal pushback little cars that will scurry across the floor !

Pull out puzzle

Great little pull out wooden puzzles with handle for little hands.

Mikado game

The Mikado is a game of skill for 2 to 6 players. It consists of a set of rods, and tapered at the ends, which is allowed to fall so that they become entangled, before removing them one by one, without moving other. This  Mikado game is stored in a lovely wooden box.

Chalkboard with Alphabet and numbers

A beautiful lined black slate with wooden frame on which you have the alphabet in both lower and upper case along with numbers 1 to 0. Comes with a box of white chalk and eraser.

Wooden recorder

All children can be musician with this wooden flute.

Goki – Catch the ball

Catch the ball in the the wooden cup. It's fun and good for the motor skills and coordination.

Fly Eye

Wooden triangle shaped kaleidoscope type lenses.