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Magnetic stones

Small dark magnetic stones.

Pocket Sundial

Fully functional sundial! Helpful not only on the high seas or on the beach. Even if the sun shines with

Compass Binoculars

Observe and navigate the great outdoors Junior explorers can see and know where they're heading with these lightweight, high-tech, soft-grip binoculars with built-in compass and attached neck strap. Large 30mm glass lenses and an easy-turn central focusinfeature make distant objects 4x larger. Great for camping trips, nature walks, wilderness expeditions...and in-town explorations of all kinds. Ages 5 and up.

Calculate Stick

Different blocks with numbers from 1 to 10 on one side and the same amount of circles on the other side. Great to learn how to add and substract.

Hydrolic Machines

This kit contains 4 hydraulics kits in one mini-Mega box of fun. It’s almost like getting 2 free kits!

Goki – Magnifying Glass with carabiner

Giant magnifying glass for small detectives. With practical snap-hook.

Goki Tie up shoe

A colorful blue and white wooden shoe with a lace to pass through and tie.

Lift Bridge

One of the most common types of bridges for freight trains, our Truss Design Lift Bridge is a working replica of the many lift bridges that have been made over the last 100 years.

Abacus 100

Beads to learn how to count add, substract. The perfect first math calculator.

Chemist : Laboratory experiment

Enter the incredible world of chemistry with the test tube chemistry lab.

The Human Body

Explore the incredible science of the human body in this medical science kit. A great start to exploring the chemistry and biology of the human body.