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Goki – Magnifying Glass

Giant magnifying glass for small detectives. With practical snap-hook.

Calculate Stick

Different blocks with numbers from 1 to 10 on one side and the same amount of circles on the other side. Great to learn how to add and substract.

Mighty Hammer Domino

A domino based action/reaction circuit to put together with a variety of add ons.

Robot factory domino

Build a colourful trail of 122 wooden dominoes. Add a bridge, bell, rails, and assorted tricks. Tap one rectangle and watch them all come tumbling down. There's no right or wrong way to build your domino trail. Make it different every time.

Hape Explorer’s bug jar

Age: 4+ Years Catch and study insects with this scientific bug jar! Features a 4x magnifying glass lid, measuring grid

Fossil excavation kit

Find the 8 real fossils in a bloc some as old as 500 million years old.

glow human skeleton

Make a complete set of human skeleton, with luminescent magnets.

Learn how the skeleton supports our body.

Includes 'magical' x-ray films that let you see 'through' the human body!

Nancy B’s Microscope & Activity Journal

A great little microscope with all the accessories to further your research and an activity journal to document your findings.

Flexistix Multi-Tower kit

Age: 4+ Years Build the world’s most famous towers with this fun Flexistix kit. Or design and build your own

Goki Tie up shoe

A colorful blue and white wooden shoe with a lace to pass through and tie.