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Magnetic stones

Small dark magnetic stones.

Goki Yoyo

A small wooden pastime always fun! Made in France from solid wood. 5.5cm. Multiple colours available. Please specify if you

Goki small sail boat

Small wooden boat approximately 3″x 1″ x 3″. It really floats!

Giant Clown Russian Tops

One piece wooden tops, hand painted.

Natural wood Mushroom Top Crocolo

Little tops in a variety of pastel colors. Made in Québec from recuperated wood.

Mader Yoyo

Yo-yo de couleur variées

Crocolo Yoyo3

A hard wood yoyo, made in Québec with recuperated wood and finished with beeswax.

Small Painted Russian Tops

One piece wooden tops, hand painted.

Mader upside down top

A selection of colours for these fascinating tops that flip over

Il était une fois Story discs

Discovering new tales with your little one using your Moulin Roty story lamp is now possible, thanks to the boxes of 3 discs for story lamps! Renew the pleasure of exploring the magnificent images of the stories of the characters of Moulin Roty!

Goki Tapping Woodpecker black

A reinvention of the old-classic! No batteries needed, simply tap the woodpecker and watch it peck its way down the

Vilac’s friction mouse

Wooden pull-back friction mouse, with cord tails and felt ears. Propelled by a gear-box mechanism, the mouse can move forward when it is pulled backward and released. Colours vary.