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Goki game of skill with steel ball square

A small game where you have to get the all steel balls in place. A game of patience.

Pinnochi Rings

A complete set of pinnochi rings for your favorite traditionnal game.

Clutching toys

A selection of beautifly designed clutching toys made of wood with non toxic colors and saliva resistant. Made in Germany

Small Painted Russian Tops

One piece wooden tops, hand painted.

Cribbage board

A good hard wood, 3 lane board. Play two, three or four people in this classic card game.

The Acrobats

These strong women and men will do pyramides and balancing acts. A wonderful wooden set.

Wooden man 1-11/16″

Traditional waldorf dolls to clothe and decorate.

Fly Eye

Wooden triangle shaped kaleidoscope type lenses.

Crocolo Natural wood Pull toy

Three new friends from Crocolo choose from the owl, the fox or the raccoon. All toys are made from recuperated wood, with natural stains and with a beeswax finish.

Wooden man 1-3/4

In the waldorf tradition, these wooden men can be dressed up however your imagination sees fit.

Heimess Pacifier Chain

Colorful pacifier chain with wooden beads.

Goki – Catch the ball

Catch the ball in the the wooden cup. It's fun and good for the motor skills and coordination.

Goki Pocket Puzzle Crocodile or clown

Let your fantasy run free! The wooden parts are connected by an elastic band so you can always create new

Natural wood Plane Crocolo

A wonderful plane with yellow wings. Made in Québec with recuperated wood and water paint finish.

Holztiger Lion

Holztiger animals and figures are made in Europe. They are handcrafted from hardwood and hand-painted with nontoxic, water-based acrylic paints.

Crocolo Natural wood Pull toy Cat

A really cute little cat pulled on a string leading to a mouse. Made in Québec with recuperated wood and with a beeswax finish.