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Don’t Break the Bottle

Fit a favorite bottle of wine into this sleek wooden contraption and secure the bottle. Slip your gift into the accompanying gift bag and hand it to your host. Dinner conversation will flow and wine will flow, but only if you solve the puzzle! Includes: 2 wooden puzzle pieces, 1 corkscrew locking device, 1 gift bag, instructions.

Totem, le jeu qui fait du bien

A friendly family game available in French only.

Little Mime

A mime and cooperation game.

The Game

A great cooperative card game. Available in French only.

Hero Town

The city is under attack from Super-Vilains! Let's quickly call the Super-Heroes for help. A Super cooperation and memory game!

Little Puzzle

A shape and color matching game.

Totem : Couple’s edition

An insightful game for couples or to spark conversation in a group setting. Available in French only!

Concept Kids Animaux

A guessing game with clues for the little ones. Available in French only.

Timeline Access+

The same old classic adapted for people with cognetive difficulties. Available in french only.  

Miller Zoo

Available in French only.

So Clover!

A fun cocperative game. Available in French only.


Available in french only!


Available in English only.

Bunny Kingdom

Rabbits are taking over the world for King Rabbit. Available in French Only.