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Défis Nature des petits / Ferme

Jeux de bataille éducatifs pour les touts petits. Quel animal de la ferme est le plus lourd à la naissance? Quel animal a le plus de petis?


The guarantee of known and simple rules, associated with a design exceptional and full of humor: these card game address youngs to play with adults!

The Acrobats

These strong women and men will do pyramides and balancing acts. A wonderful wooden set.

Bahuts Malins

From Smart Games, this  logic puzzles will keep your little one playing and learning how to use their logic. You have three wooden delivery trucks with various shapes that need to be delivered. You will be challenged by having to put the appropriate shapes in the right trucks.

Pourquoi les carottes ont-elles disparu

This game for children 3 1/2 to 5 helps children to develop their comprehension with a series of questions to elucidate mysteries. It is only available in French.

Mini Games Differences

30 cards where you need to find the differences between two similar images.

Loto the house

An association game of images and language.

Scratch card / Halcyon nights

A fun scratch craft with poetic images that come to life as you reveal parts of your card.

Djeco Inzebox Jobissimo

Suited for toddlers aged 2 years and upwards, this Jobissimo magnetic toy from Djeco is great fun and beautifully designed.  Dress up your characters in various employment.

Bozo l’Orignal Vampire

Un romand jeunesse de la Halloween. Bozo est un orignal qui chaque année, le soir de l'Halloween, devient un vampire. Pour rompre le sort, il doit avoir une goutte de sang humain, mais les seuls humains dans la forêt à l'automne sont des chasseurs...