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The game that became such a classic of the last decade is here available in it's french version.

The Game

A great cooperative card game. Available in French only.

Loups-Garous Extension Personnages

What's in the "Characters" expansion box? Even more terrible Werewolves like "the Big Bad Wolf", which eats 2 villagers per night and "the foul Father of Wolves" which can turn 1 villager into a Werewolf and more. In all 22 cards including 16 new characters. 8 to 28 players In french only

Le Tricheur Junior mini

A family version of a popular Québécois TV game show. Available in french only.

Loups-Garous extention : Nouvelle Lune

The werewolves are doing it again, with new characters, new scenarios, event cards ... There is something to vary the atmospheres, the characters, the organization of the debates, or the twists that punctuate the game (a game of cards, to be revealed between game turns, which have a temporary or permanent effect). Extension: The game Les Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux is required. In french only

Dixit Odyssey

A second version of this now classic games. 84 new cards.

In my Suitcase

I'm going on a trip and in my suitcase I bring... The classic memory game is reinvented with 3 version and ways to play.

Devinez Quoi?

A wonderful game of french puns.

Connais-tu ton Québécois? version Tête de cochon

A fun game around Québecois expressions. Available in french only.


A cooperative or competitive Quiz game for your little ones.

La récompense

Got the nice house, great car and a curiosity to begin. Win the bidding wars to gain even more!

Blanc Manger Coco

A game for adults conceived by teenagers and illustraded by children. Available in French only.

Ding Dong

A spin off of Rouge radio stations game from the famous Véronique Cloutier.

Ti-Joe connaissant classique

A party game for those know it all. In French only.