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Zombie Kidz

In the game, the young players are at school when zombies start to attack, infiltrating the entryways, then barring the way to classrooms. Players move through rooms and entryways to eliminate zombies. Available in French only


The game that became such a classic of the last decade is here available in it's french version.

Animo Dice

To win, you must make a combination of animals with 4 dice and 3 throws. A first game of dice, very simple, for the youngest.

Les Aventuriers du Rail Europe

A french version of the popular game A Ticket to ride.


An amazing cooperative game where a virus has infected the world and all the players have to help each other combat the Pandemic. This game is available in French only.


Labyrinth is considered to be THE classic Ravensburger game. This clever sliding path game with its unique game play, has been delighting players of all ages for generations, and never fails to lure the whole family to the table for a game or two.

Rush Hour

Voted one of Parents’ Choice Best 25 Toys of 25 YearsIt will take more than a little skilled driving to get the red car out of this traffic jam – it will take brainpower. In Rush Hour, a sliding block logic game, you have to battle the gridlock as you slide the blocking vehicles out of the way for the red car to exit. With 40 all-new challenges, ranging in difficulty, players can progress at their own speed. As one of the best logic games of all time, Rush Hour is a must for every household. Ages : 8+

Fée Toibelle

Four pretty fairies are invited to the grand ball at the castle. Before dashing off in a coach to dance beneath the stars, everyone has to get back her crown, her necklace, her fan and her handbag. A board and memory game where you have to find your own accessories and be the first one to arrive at the castle.

Astérix et Obélix Le jeu de cartes13

Crazy eights like you never played it before. All the characters of this internationally known comic book illustrate the cards.

Catan Extension for 5 to 6 players

You can settle Catan with up to 6 players. If you want to play the Catan base game with 5 or 6 players, just add this base game extension.

Full House

A classic is back! Create the best hotel where only the wealthiests and classiest will want to stay and spend their money.

Christmas Pair’em up

ln this speed game, be the first player to pair up identical socks using the cards in your hand. The laundry basket will give you some help, but watch out for the nasty clothes dryer! Be the first player to get rid of all your cards and win the game!

7wonders Duel – Agora extension

In the Agora extension a whole new socio-political aspect is added to the game.