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pull out puzzle

Great little pull out wooden puzzles with handle for little hands.

Puzzle duo Mom and baby

Twelve 2 piece puzzles where you need to join baby to mom.

Puzzle Duo opposites

12 two piece puzzles with opposites great for 2+

Sort Box

10 colorful blocks of various shapes that fit into slots into the sorting box.

Djeco Puzzle Duo Emotions

12 two piece puzzles with a variety of emotions great for 2+

Wild animals wooden puzzle

Bear, zebra, kangaroo, elephant and lion wooden jigsaw pieces fit into the wooden frame. But in what order? Measures 12 x 9 x 0.31 inches

Vehicule wooden puzzle

ive wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces, depicting common vehicles, helicopter, police car, train, boat and bus fit into the wooden frame.

Life Underwater

A great big piece puzzle from Ravensburger.

Corner Bakery (750 LARGE pieces)

A high quality puzzle from Ravensburger. The pieces of this puzzle are made larger than usual and are especially appreciated by people who have trouble seeing small jigsaw pieces. Made in Germany.

Cozy Wine Terrace

This puzzle has larger than usual pieces.

Henry & Friends giant puzzle

6 puzzles ranging from 9 to 15 pieces.